Can I Remove the Staples From My Cat?

Can I Remove the Staples From My Cat?

If your cat has had surgery lately, chances are the vet used staples to close the incision. While most spay or neuter surgeries are closed with surgical glue, some less routine surgeries may require the use of staples.

When Are Staples Used?

    Staples usually are used when the surgery resulted in a long incision that may open prematurely if not closed tightly. They also are used with incisions that are too deep.

Stitches Easily Removed or Dissolved

    In most cases, a veterinarian will use suture material. Some of this material will dissolve on its own after a certain amount of time, while other types will need to be removed after 7 to 10 days. Sutures can be removed easily by the cat's owner using a small scissors as long as the proper technique is used to ensure the entire suture is removed. Even a tiny bit of remaining suture can cause inflammation and resultant infection.

Staple Removal

    Staples, however, must be removed at the veterinary clinic because the removal of staples requires a special tool that crimps the staple in the center, causing the ends to flare upward and out of the skin. Without this tool, the staple cannot be removed safely. Cat owners who own this special staple remover and have been trained in its use may be able to remove staples, but will need assistance.

A Word of Caution

    The skin surrounding the staples will be irritated and should be inspected thoroughly by a medical professional to ensure there is no infection. Furthermore, as the skin heals, it fuses to the staples. Therefore, the staples must be removed carefully by a professional who knows how to do so without disturbing the healing process.

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