Information On Cavachon Puppies For Sale

By Gregory Snyder

Cavachon puppies are one of the dog breeds that are common pets in most homes. The Cavachon breed is a cross breed of two other breeds of dogs which are the Bichon Frise and the Calvier King Charles Spaniel. The Cavachon dog will inherit traits form both its parents and normally will have superior features than the average of the individual parents. Here is useful information regarding cavachon puppies for sale.

There are different colors of the cavachon dog. It can either be brown, red, white or black and tan. It can also come in three colors. The superiority of the individual breeder and the coat color of the parent determine majorly the body color of the dog. Breeders can reproduce a puppy of a given color depending on the opinion of a buyer.

Playfulness and friendliness are the main characters of these pups. Any potential friend will be befriended by these dogs. They also like the company of kids. They are not only active but are also energetic. They can sometimes be disturbing to the owner whenever they are excited. This is because they will jump up and down, hence causing annoyance to the owner. The worst time is the period after breast feeding. This causes disruption in the dog, making it important to be careful at this time.

This type of pups need low maintenance compared to other pups that can be kept in the house like the doodle pupies. This is because the pups can survive even in conditions in which the maintenance is not on a regular basis. This makes them suitable to both those owners who are always way from home and those that have time to look after their dogs regularly

This breed is also preferred by many people because it is able to easily understand commands from their trainer. Pups are able to take in instructions from their trainer faster. Unlike the other dogs, the pups do not require numerous repetitions. Before making the dog to start taking commands during training, it is important for the dog to be familiar with the trainer.

The pups are always like to exercise and it is ideal for the owner to take them for a run more frequently. This helps to improve the health of the dog by building stability and cheerfulness in the dog. A dog park is recommended during exercise to ensure safety of the animal and gradual improvement in the training of the dog.

The Cavachon pups usually a have a long lifespan of about 10 to 17 years. This life span of the dog is longer than most small breeds of dogs. The dog does not grow very tall and usually have a small height of about 12 to 13 inches. The average weight of this type of dog is usually 18lbs although weight may vary according to the age, gender and health of the dog at any given time.

The grooming does not need to be too frequent constant and this makes them to be advantageous. They have a silk coat. This type of dog require very little shedding. Owners are advised to shed the dog whenever the hair of the dog is found in cars or around the household. If not, shaving of the dog is not necessary.

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