What You Need To Know About The Cage Free Boarding Texas Pet Caregivers Offer

By Charles Davis

For many people, pets are family members. When they have to be left behind while the rest of the family vacations or travels for work, their owners usually dread the idea of boarding them at a kennel. Hiring a pet sitter is one alternative that works for many, but the animals will still be alone the majority of the time. A lot of Texans are opting for the kind of cage free boarding Texas pet caregivers have to offer.

This is a great idea for some dogs, but not others. You can't expect to show up at a animal care facility and drop your pet off. It will have to be evaluated and assessed before it is approved for an extended stay. Staff members will meet with you and your dog and put the animal through a series of tests to gauge what kind of personality and peculiarities it has.

Most pet owners are concerned about how the animals are supervised. The facility should be staffed twenty-four hours a day with plenty of workers to keep the animals safe and occupied. Many owners and managers are actually veterinarians and have trained staff with pet CPR and first aid certifications. There should be a night shift that monitors the animals continuously after hours.

Owners need know where their pet is going to sleep, and most facilities provide plenty of comfortable couches and futons for their canine guests. If the dogs prefer to sleep on the floor, they are certainly allowed to do that. Some animals like to sleep together, while others prefer to do their napping on their own. The facility should have plenty of crates and areas where each pet has a private eating space.

Since the dogs are not confined to cages or crates, you might wonder what they do during the day. A good facility will have plenty of free area where pets can run and play and get all the exercise they need. In the summer, having kiddie pools filled with water is one way to keep animals cool and occupied.

Not all dogs are highly social. If you have a shy pet or one that tends to keep to itself, you may still be able to take advantage of one of these facilities. During the evaluation process, staff member will determine if your dog is suited to this environment. Pets that show aggression are usually turned down by the management.

Trained and professional staff members should not have a problem accommodating a pet with special needs. They will be used to giving animals medication and preparing special food for them. Unless you are requesting something out of the ordinary, you shouldn't expect to pay extra for this service.

It is much easier to enjoy yourself while you are on vacation or traveling for business if you know your pet is happy and well cared for. Cage free accommodations are a great option for many animals. Pets have the freedom to explore and the safety of experienced handlers.

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