Before You Go Out And Buy Blue Pitbull Puppies

By Rebecca Green

Pitbulls have become one of the more popular breeds around and many have though of getting one. Growing in popularity are blue pitbull puppies, as they are quite rare and the blue color is really a recessive trait. It takes a lot of responsibility to keep any pet, in particular more so for a pitbull, regardless of color. Read on to see if you are really prepared to take on this commitment.

At the onset ask yourself if you are ready to train this particular puppy. It is important for pitbulls to be trained and also to socialize. You have to make time to train with this puppy in puppy training classes. In particular for blue pitbulls, they may require lifelong training as to prevent behavioral issues from popping up. You definitely need to make time for this breed.

Make a lifestyle check and see if it is compatible in terms of bringing up this dog. As this dog has a lot of energy, daily walks may not be enough for it, in fact some would even say a daily run is more like it. The question to ask therefore is if you have the spare energy. Do not get this dog if you are an indoors kind of person and lack the requisite space, a fences off yard at least, or access to very big park and such.

If you have children you may need to take a rain check on this kind of dog. This is because this dog can react too strongly went here is rough or vigorous play and this can lead to injury. They should always be supervised when in the presence of children, as with any dog for that matter. You should always think twice even up to three times of getting this dog if you have children in the home.

It is also prudent to check for local ordinances that may affect your ownership of this dog. Some municipalities, or even cities as well as neighborhood associations frown on pitbull ownership. Make sure that you have pitbull friendly ordinances that will not hamper your taking care of one.

Should everything actually check out in your favor, then it may be time that you look for a kennel that specializes in the blue colored variety of pitbull. You can find one either in internet pages or referral. Keep in mind to ask for a list of references and such from the kennel on you visit, and remember a good kennel will not have qualms about giving you references.

It may also be a good idea to visit the kennel before you buy. It should be a clean facility and animals should be healthy and well fed. Look also at the attitude of the kennel owner and workers and see if they really care for the dogs and they are not just doing it for money. Any dog lover will be a bale to spot a fellow dog lover a mile off.

This article has thus covered a bit on what you should consider prior to getting a any pitbull puppy, not necessarily just a blue one. Apart from this, also do further research on the dog itself as regards overall health, temperament, physical considerations, diet and the like prior to getting it since it takes a lot of commitment to be a pet owner.

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