East End Tick Control Companies: What Is Dog Heartworm?

By David Kellan

As pet owners, it's important that we take care of our dogs. When they become sick, for example, we bring them to our veterinarians in order to treat them. With that said, it's important to understand that mosquitoes carry bacteria that can harm them as well. This brings us to dog heartworm, which is nothing short of serious. For a better understanding of what this illness is all about, here are a few important details courtesy of east end tick control companies.

Dog heartworm is a mosquito-borne illness that is caused by a bite from the aforementioned pest. The way that it works, according to companies like Alternative Earthcare, is that a larvae carrying the roundworm is brought into the canine's body. The worm then moves itself into the blood and infects it, which creates health problems later on. Here are a few signs that your canine friend might be the unlucky recipient of dog heartworm.

If you want to know if your pet has dog heartworm, different symptoms should be noted. First of all, dog heartworm tends to lead to less exercise, seeing as how pets have less energy when they're ill. It's also worth noting that, in more serious situations, pets can faint without any warning. These are just a few symptoms that Hampton tick control specialists can tell you about. It's no wonder why immediate treatment is needed.

After consulting your veterinarian about your pet's case of dog heartworm, you're likely to learn about adulticide. This is used in order to treat the condition in question, not to mention reduce the number of mosquitoes in your general area. Pet owners will be told to keep their animals indoors once adulticide is administered. Healing must take place, after all, which means that limits on physical activity are going to be needed.

These are just a few things that you should know about dog heartworm and the long-term implications of said illness. Without medical attention, it will only become worse, even to the point where it grows fatal. East end tick control companies and other authorities on pest control will agree, so make sure that you consult your vet at the earliest possible time. The sooner you do so, the better off your canine friend will ultimately be.

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