Important Things To Know For Egyptian Maus Kittens For Sale

By Sharon Ellis

There is a breed of people who like cats and want to have them in their homes as companions. Felines have a unique charm appreciated by these, and they appreciate all things associated with their cats. Whether continuing enthusiast or just beginning, cat people are required to be knowledgeable about some things when they contact a breeder and get a cat of their own.

A kind of cat is now the focus of some interest groups for some rare traits that cannot be found in other breeds. The ancestry of this breed can even be traced back to older peoples, and one trait that is different from other cats are the leopard like spots patterned on their fur. Egyptian Maus kittens for sale are an exciting item for cat lovers everywhere, in kennels and homes and organizations for owners.

Whenever a decision is reached to own one of them and take it into the home, some things must be done to prepare to receive it. For one, a prospective owner needs some kind of manual about taking care of feline companions. Also, there are certain things very necessary for the home, say a sandbox for litter where applicable, especially for those pets not allowed to get out.

There is also some intensive research to be done as to what things are necessary for adjusting to the way they are. What is nice for those just starting is the fact there are a very few things that you have to watch out for. In fact, the general run of felines share most traits with the breed and a master who has lots of experience does not have to worry.

You could also work out some kind of contact to the relevant breeders. Also, you can connect with people of the National Egyptian Mau Club. These are aficionados you really want to reach for all the needed info about bringing up a kitten of the breed.

A responsible owner also should take care of the vaccinations and other shots relevant to domestic cats. The better breeders will have done these and have papers to prove it. Beginners especially need to know a lot about kitten health, nutrition, the foods that should be fed to it, training, toys and other things to make it grow into a healthy specimen of cat.

The coat of the breed is very short so it makes for easier grooming, and the spots can be taken care of, too. The common coloration is for dark sports set on lighter pelts, and the markings are like that of biggers cats like cheetahs, leopards and civets. But the breed is very well known for gentleness.

These cats also have the trait of being shy whenever strangers are around, although they are loving companions to good masters. An item about them is that they are easily hurt, and children can drive them away from the home if they are too rough with it. For other concerns, Maus makes for easy training and other positive stuff.

Like all pets that are appreciated, the kitten will be perfect companions to people it is in constant contact with. The male Mau will reach adulthood at 12 lbs and the female ones go upwards of 7 or more pounds. They are great for those who are focused on their care.

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