Information To Know Before Buying Siberian Kittens West Virginia

By Carl Russell

You are no doubt a cat lover if you are currently reading this article. And no doubt you have heard also of the Siberian, a popular cat breed from Russia. Raised in the Siberian taiga, this cat breed has been around for a 1000 years and figures in a lot of Russian folk tales. Right now you are looking for a cat companion in West Virginia and mulled over the Siberian as a possibility. Should you be interested in this breed after seeing a Siberian kittens West Virginia sign, then do read on for more information.

Known also as the Moscow Semi Longhair, the Siberian is a cat that has the trademark fluffy and long fur that is unique to its breed. These hardy cats were formerly bred for it to get rid of rodents such as mice and rats due to their fine hunting abilities. They were and are still widely used in Russian farms and houses for this purpose to this day.

This cat has quite a high energy level and it will keep its high energy it entire life. Many will say that this cat is eternally youthful, and even speculate that it has sipped from the fountain of eternal youth, since it is playful even though it is quite grown up. It takes a while for it to mature, up to five years in fact.

It does act like a dog most of the time, as it follows you around most if not all of the time and wants to be involved in whatever activity that you are doing at the moment. When it is happy, it has a canny knack for chirping like a bird apart from purring. This feline also loves to be in the proximity of water so bathing it or cleaning it will not be an issue.

Every breed will have some peculiar health issues and Siberian is no exception. It will usually develop some kidney related issues as well as some related to the heart. For the latter the common issue is heart enlargement. However, such conditions can be tempered and even minimized if one puts the cat on a strict diet as it does love to eat. Regular checkups with the vet will not hurt either.

Grooming is not a problem for this cat, especially when there is a need for baths for as mentioned before it does love water. It will be quite a challenge to shampoo it though as it does have water resistant fur. Brushing is needed at least on a regular basis even though its fur is already tangle and mat resistant.

On top of it having resistant to tangling and matting, the fur of this cat is widely accepted as being hypoallergenic, that is it will be less prone to trigger any feline allergies one may have. Despite the fact that it may be less prone to trigger reactions, it is useful for you to have a trial live in period of at least a month to see if any reactions occur.

When you have finally made up your mind to get this cat, then do look out for unscrupulous and shady dealers. Many a time have the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat been sold as authentic Siberians, much to the chagrin and dismay of duped buyers.

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