Black And Brown Royal Standard Poodles

By Ann Butler

Poodles are known for at least four hundred years and are certainly among the most popular breeds. They are well-known as graceful, noble and good natured dogs, highly intelligent and easy to train. Their characteristic appearance and cheerfulness make them especially recognizable, and black and brown Royal Standard Poodles are probably the most popular of all.

They can also be white, or apricot, or gray, in fact, in any other solid color, and in recent years some breeders accomplished to produce really interesting color combinations. These are not official yet, but look quite originally. In any case, your choice will depend on your taste, as well as your attentions. If you want to get a show dog, black or brown might be a better choice.

These dogs are medium to large sized, with long and flat ears and beautiful dark eyes. They have small, oval-shaped feet and proportional front and back legs. Thanks to the act that poodles shed little to none, they have to be clipped regularly, but it makes them perfect house pets even for the people that suffer from different allergies. Of course, this dog cannot be kept outside, they need a proper place to live.

There are different types of clipping. Show dog are mainly clipped using English saddle clip or Continental clip, although there are several variations of these particular clippings. Other popular clippings are, for example, so called lamb clip, or puppy clip. In any case, their coats are curly or corded, and quite thick, and do require extensive grooming.

Poodles have really good nature, calm and friendly. They belong to lower energy dogs, but they still need some amount of activity to remain healthy and happy. One walk a day is all they ask, and they will be satisfied. On the other hand, if you do not give them that simple daily walk, you might expect different behavior issues. They do not appreciate being left alone for long time either.

These dogs live up to 15 years, if healthy. This is one old breed, and there are some issues to be concerned about. For example, they are prone to some genetic diseases, such as retinal atrophy, or hip dysplasia. They have sensitive skin, eyes and ears, and regular veterinarian check-ups are required.

Poodles might have sensitive skin, and you have to be careful when choosing their shampoo. Choose some mild, high quality shampoo for their regular baths. When it comes to their diet, it is much better to give them three smaller meals a day than only one large meal. They are prone to bloat, and smaller meals may help. So, at least two meals, if not three, and only some good quality food.

Poodles make great pets, thanks to their high intelligence, great looks and good, gentle nature. Easy to train, adorable and obedient, these dogs are just perfect show dogs, and even better family pets. They adore children, treat other animals kindly, have great appearance and do not require too much exercise. They do need extensive grooming, that is true, but they will not leave their hair around, and make great friends.

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