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By Marie Cooper

A miniature golden doodle is a type of dog species that comes as a result of crossbreeding a golden retriever and a toy poodle. Germany is known to be the original home for it. They are characterized by long backs and short bodies. They are well known when it comes to being athletic, since they are light in weight and can run easily. As such, they are used in dog sports like obstacle courses and jumping. When in need of Miniature English Goldendoodle Puppies TX should be given a visit.

Although they have all this admirable character they are liable to diseases and are very hypo allergic compared to all coated dog breeds. They also require a whole lot more care and maintenance. This includes regular clipping and daily exercise as they very lively, otherwise if left alone they will suffer from loneliness and deep separation anxiety. So they require daily companionship.

Golden retrievers are known to be large in size. Their name retriever came from them having the power to retrieve a game shot undamaged. They are breeds of gun dogs. Hunters use them to retrieve ducks and other animals they shoot when hunting. They are good in swimming since they have very dense coats that provide warmth and buoyancy. They love water too.

When golden retriever and a miniature toy poodle are crossed, they produce miniature golden doodles. These young ones have unique and impressive qualities. This quality characters are inherited from both the toy poodle and from the golden retriever. These qualities include being intelligent, friendliness, common sense and ease of training. These qualities have made it to be preferred by most people who love dogs. Non -shedding ability of the dog has made it easy for the users to maintain and provide care to the dog.

Combining all this attributes make the golden poodle very appealing to the eye. A miniature golden doodle is sizable enough to be a house pet compared to the standard golden doodle. There exist a variety of miniature golden doodles depending on their size and nature of their coat. Others have a slightly wavy coat while others have a curly coat ranging from being very curly to moderate curly.

The dogs have different types of shades ranging from golden red to blonde. It is their parental genotype that makes them to come in different sizes. Apart from them being attractive and powerful than toy poodle, they also have the ability of being hypo allergic. This is inherited from the toy poodle. This makes them to be susceptible to other infections and dog allergies. Thus special care is important.

One should put a lot of consideration when it comes to having a golden doodle. They do not like chaotic environment, and loud noise. A lot of weight should be discouraged. Therefore, one is advised to feed them properly to prevent them from getting sick easily. They are supposed to be exercised and fed moderately to avoid gaining too much weight.

Their intelligence, focus makes them easy to train and can be a daily companion to a person. They adapt well to environments hence a person living in an apartment can still get one since they are not clumsy. Their non-shedding ability makes it easy to groom them.

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