Buying TICA Registered Siberian Cats

By Catherine Allen

Purely bred Siberian cats and kittens obtained from licensed breeders will adhere to strict practices when managing the practices. The purpose of certification is to ensure that the highest levels of breeding occur including the proper genetic practices and the option to maintain a healthy bloodline with the best feline characteristics. TICA registered Siberian cats possess the health, energy and beautiful features that all admirers know and love.

When a cat is TICA registered, they are recognized by The International Cat Association, a governing body responsible for setting regulations that sellers must adhere to when breeding cats. A purely bred feline with desirable traits and characteristics will have the personality and the physical form needed to meet with breed standards. When sellers who are part of the club produce litters, these kittens will prove healthy and well bred.

Kittens must prove healthy and have received the correct standards of care to produce a temperament that is mild, friendly and naturally curious. All kittens must have the characteristic soft fut and the attractive form that most Siberian owners are familiar with. If you are going to purchase from a breeder, ensure that your kitten looks like a Siberian and is incredibly friendly.

Adhering to the necessary breed standard should provide kittens that are healthy and have received the highest levels of care for pet wellness. With the registration of TICA Siberian kittens, new owners will have peace of mind that the healthiest cats are sought. Implementing the proper steps can help find kittens to add to the new home that er well socialized and behave in a healthy manner.

Cats that are vet assessed will be ready to leave for their new homes. These types of examinations must be performed to detect any structural problems or abnormalities that will compromise the breed and have new owners disappointed with the purchase of a poorly bred kitten. Siberian kittens must receive the necessary vaccinations and worming procedure to prevent the spread and exposure to disease.

The ideal age for kittens to leave the home is 10 to 12 weeks and ensures that the correct physical and emotional development has occurred. Pets that are too young will not be adequately socialized and prone to developing poor behaviors that new owners may not find pleasing. Discuss options with seller and ensure that a kitten you are receiving meets with personality requirements and any desired coat colors.

Registration with TICA provides certification that your felines are well cared for and meet with a high standard of health. It is important to prevent supporting backyard breeders and to ensure that the health and well-being of kittens are best managed. The registered and experienced breeder will ensure that only the healthiest kittens are sold and meet with the appropriate breeding standards.

TICA registered kittens sourced from reliable breeders will be advertised on the breeder website or with TICA. Before making the decision to buy a kitten, determine whether it is registered and has received the necessary care and attention from the seller before leaving for its new home. Following these measures can provide the best options for feline needs.

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