Pest Control Westboro MA Handles Termite Issues

By Emilia Kibbe

With colonies that are based underground, termites begin their reign of terror by entering homes through cracked foundations. Fortunately, there is a highly efficient way to combat these destructive infestations. Termidor can not only eradicate invasions that are currently damaging a structure, it can also target the subterranean bases and prevent new ones, when correctly applied by a trained technician. Homeowners who would like to know if this solution could work on their own situation can contact a professional pest control Westboro MA for more information.

Termites tend to leave their subterranean habitat in swarms, typically on a warm spring or early summer day. Homeowners may see a cloud of insects in the basement or wherever they can emerge from the foundation. However, these invasions can be difficult to spot because they happen quickly. Termites can leave other evidence, usually a pile of wings. Homeowners are advised to capture some of the bugs or the wings so that a pest control technician can verify that they are indeed termites.

Because they have the ability to survive and thrive inside the walls of a structure for years without being detected, termites are called "silent invaders". Their discovery most often comes during renovations, remodeling, or construction projects. They can do major damage.

All along the exterior or interior walls of a home, termites commonly construct tunnels of mud that are approximately the width of a pencil. Through these passageways they gain access to wood both in and around the building. Professional exterminators possess the experience and knowledge to identify indications of infestation damage.

Homeowners who find hollowed out wood near their home may benefit from the application of Termidor. Self inspection can be conducted simply by tapping wooden structures to see if a hollow sound is produced.

A home inspection prior to buying or selling may uncover signs of termite activity. Such findings do not automatically indicate a serious problem. Even if termites are present, they can be controlled, protecting the home from further damage.

A professional exterminator might recommend that Termidor be applied regularly in order to deliver a continued protective barrier against the destructive silent invaders.

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