Could Exotic Shorthair Kittens Make Good Pets For You?

By Henry Young

People who love cats often prefer them for some of the same reasons dog lovers hate them. They cite their felines fierce independence, self-sufficiency, and low maintenance. There are people who love longhair cats and don't mind the constant grooming and brushing that goes along with owning them. Others prefer short haired animals that tend to shed less and require less grooming. Persians are the most popular cat around, but many are put off by their shaggy coats. Exotic shorthair kittens combine the best of Persians with shorter coats.

Exotics, as they are known, are the result of various pairings of Russian Blues, Burmese, American Shorthairs, and Persians. The final result, which seems to have been fairly accidental, is a cat that looks just like a Persian, but has short hair. The Cat Fancier's Association accepts them as a genuine breed.

Generally referred to as Exotics, these felines are gentle and quiet animals, although they tend to be more vocal and personable than Persians. Exotics love attention, and they are happy to bat at toys for as long as anyone will participate. Although they love company, the cats are usually quite happy to spend the day sleeping while their owners are away working. Exotics make good pets for families with children and other animals in the household.

Exotics are predisposed to certain diseases and health conditions that owners should be aware of. A lot of the problems they have occur because of the way their faces are structured. Exotics may experience breathing difficulties, tearing eyes, and dental abnormalities. They can suffer from kidney disease and ringworm. Some also develop a skin condition that can result in hair loss and redness.

Although they have much shorter coats than Persians, Exotics still need regular grooming. They should be brushed and combed often to keep their fur healthy and shining. All cats need to have their teeth brushed every day if possible, but certainly once a week. Getting them used to it early will make the job easier later on. Exotics should be considered inside cats only, especially if their claws have been removed. Defending themselves effectively against predators is not something that comes naturally to most of them.

Round is probably the word that describes these felines best. They have round, sturdy bodies topped by full, rounded heads. Their legs are thick and short. There is a variation of a traditional Exotic most people refer to as extreme Exotic. These are typically show cats with excessively flattened faces. This feature can make it difficult to breath, so they tend not to exert themselves. The traditional faces, being fuller, allow for more natural and easier breathing.

The color of the Exotic's coat determines eye color. White Exotics have bright blue or copper eyes. Some have an eye of each color. Those with coats of other colors have copper eyes only.

Cats are a lot of fun to have around. When they are not sleeping and eating, most enjoy the company of their owners. Exotics, as well as the other breeds, make loving, devoted, and long time companions.

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