The Effectiveness Of Temprid From A Pest Control Service In Framingham MA

By Jorel Tuyor

An invasion from pests is guaranteed to be a very challenging experience for homeowners. This can be a tremendous source of stress and anxiety until experienced pest control professionals are found who can effectively restore safety and peace to your abode. If you're currently searching for pest control services in Framingham MA, you should consider the following things about one effective pesticide called Temprid.

Temprid is a well-known bug spray that is frequently used by professionals throughout the pest management and control industry. It is just one of many pesticides that these individuals use on a regular basis. The reason why this is such an impressive and highly valued formula is the fact that it can be used both inside and outside of the home. Temprid is used by pest control companies throughout Framingham MA because it makes an excellent perimeter defense. It is meant to be applied ten feet out from the building structure and three feet up, thereby ensuring that bugs are not able to invade your space at all.

Temprid insecticide is a suspension formulation combining two active ingredients, imidacloprid and beta-cyfluthrin. Due to its slower kill time, imidacloprid excels as a vehicle to transfer the solution to other social insects like ants and cockroaches. One major feature of Temprid is that it wipes out aphids and scale insects as well as mealybugs.

Mealybugs make honeydew, a favored sustenance for ants that encourages them to keep coming back into your home. Since this bug spray can be utilized both inside and outside, there is an extensive list of nuisances and bugs it can control.

Temprid is able to keep bed bugs under control for up to six months and can work on flies, spiders, ants and other bugs that are pest-resistant. It has a dynamic, two-prong action that kills both bed bug eggs and these insects themselves.

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