Tips Buying Egyptian Mau Kitten For Sale

By Jerry Murphy

The most exotic of all felines, the Egyptian Mau is an attractive feline that is different from other cats from its looks to personality. These are highly energetic cats with a high prey drive and should be provided the proper care and attention. If you are looking for an Egyptian Mau kitten for sale, only contact a registered breeder who is recognized by the relevant cat associations.

According to the historic records of this breed, the Egyptian Mau was originally recognized in 1960 by the Cat fanciers Club. The late 1980s saw increased breeding the feline and its selections quickly spread. Today it is a highly sought after cat because of its beautiful coat colors and unique personality, but you must be prepared to care for these pets because their high energy and natural hunting instinct can make them difficult to handle.

Before you decide that an Egyptian Mau is the cat for you, learn more about it personality and care before making a final choice. Looking at the beauty of these felines can get you carried away when considering the ownership of an exotic pet only to struggle to maintain their needs and behaviors. To make an effective purchase, you need to understand the breed and learn how to spot a reputable, distinguished breeder.

The Maus love being around their families and may misbehave if left alone or confined for extended periods. Do not purchase a kitten if you do not spend a fair amount of time at home and ensure that you have the patience to dedicate to the health and wellness needs of these felines. This will prevent anxiety or skittish behaviors that could make pets extremely shy and fearful.

Maus tend to hunt everything in sight and require regular play activities and similar energy consuming programs to avoid a restless and bored cat. Be sure to purchase new toys for your kitten and provide them with a great deal of fun activities in a secure outdoor space. Incorporate small pools of water in a shallow bowl as these felines love to dip their paws in it.

A clean and smooth coat can help avoid ailments and skin issues despite these cats possessing a low shed coat. Implementing a highly regular groom and maintaining a balanced diet are important factors when caring for the long term health and wellness needs of pets. Following the appropriate steps can help keep kittens in the best possible long term condition.

Obtaining the proper health guarantee from a certified breeder will help avoid the purchase of sickly pets. It is important to avoid buying cats from breeders who are not prepared to invest in pedigree and the pure bloodlines of their litters. Ensure that the seller you are interested in buying from is experienced and registered with the major feline associations.

An Egyptian Mau is a beautiful feline with exotic spots and soft coat full of energy. These cats love their families and provide hours of entertainment provided a healthy environment and extra care. With the right approach and research into the breeder, you can own a kitten provided you have the time and attention to provide for its needs.

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