Looking For Registered Holland Lop Bunnies For Sale

By Gary Snyder

Holland lop breeds originated from Netherlands which are currently becoming a more popular animal for pet or show competitions. These are the smallest lop eared breed coming in different colors which are classified as solid, without spots, and broker, with spots. They should be housed in a place with a lot of room space because of their playfulness and activeness.

Choosing this as the first pet rabbit for new owners is recommended because of their temperament and size. This is why numerous people are looking for registered Holland lop bunnies for sale where they can purchase. Here are some basic tips in looking for a breeder which sells them within your area.

Start searching using the internet for breeders that sell them in your area and acquire their contact information. You may also use the local newspapers or yellow pages in searching for one which may have placed advertisements there. Make a list of all those you found and get more information about them in helping you make a choice.

Ask from your family members and friends for recommendations if they know one that is selling the breed you want to find. They could have bought one before or know someone who did which they can refer you to. Add the ones recommended that are not yet listed and acquire more information regarding them as well.

Research their background which includes how long they have been in the business or hobby of breeding these rabbits. Doing this would show you how experienced and skilled they are which have been developed after doing this for the long time. They would not be able to do this for long if they are not knowledgeable enough.

Check if they do breed pedigree ones or do not though having one is not essential unless you like to become a breeder as well. It is just fine not having pedigrees if you just like them as pets or if planning to join some rabbit show competitions. Joining one is possible if you have tattooed permanently an ear number and provide information such as birth date and class they wold enter.

The breeder must be willing also to spend one day in explaining everything to you the things needed to know on your pet soon. They should be willing in offering a guarantee of the rabbits being healthy and well tamed. If they are not interested in entertaining your questions, they may be selling ones which are sick and are not well tamed.

Usually, pet stores sell bunnies very expensively when compared with the price the breeders have for their bunnies. They have a tendency as well to place the mature male rabbits in the cage together with the females of varying ages. Breeding might occur resulting in the chance of your new pet dying from giving birth at a very early age.

Inquire on the prices then compare it to other breeders in determining which has a better deal being offered. Remember that the price is not the main factor in considering on where to buy a rabbit from. Prepare properly for the pet before the sale is finalized.

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