How To Care For Your Exotic Shorthair Kittens

By Andrew Brown

Going home to an empty house can be depressing, and even if you are only home for a few hours, most of us want to feel loved and missed. If you live alone, this can be easily done by getting a pet. The animal of choice will depend on your personal preferences but if you are considering a feline get exotic shorthair kittens. Taking care of young animals requires dedication, and doing the following things will ensure you are off to a good start.

Purchasing a pet is not like shopping for shoes. You should avoid buying your feline online or following up on advertisements posted in local dailies. If possible, rule out the option of using pet stores and local breeders as well. Go to the local pet shelters or rescue centers and adopt an animal from this location. This will prevent you from ending up with a pet that was raised at a kitten mill.

Exotic shorthair cats are a crossbreed between Persians and American shorthairs. Therefore, the animal you select should have the traits of a crossbreed. Their fur will be denser than that of a Persian, its ears and eyes will be close together, and the animals will grow stocky as they mature. In case you cannot identify this breed on your own, get an expert to give you their opinion.

Book an appointment with a veterinary, once you have arranged the adoption of your kitten. This person should be reputable, and they will assess the well-being of your cat. They will tell of any illnesses you need to be on the lookout for, as well as the ideal foods to feed it. This is important because some breeds are genetically more susceptible to some diseases than others.

Although most young animals can naturally take care of themselves, there are still things they will need to learn from their mothers. Therefore, to avoid disrupting the life of your kitten too much, do not take them before they are at least ten weeks old. This way, they will know basic things like how to cover their excrement.

You will need to be fully prepared for living with a cat. This means you need to buy all the essential items, from toys for them to play with to a litter box. You may also need to make some changes around the home like getting rid of dangling cables and storing your things out of the reach of your feline companion.

Many people regularly wash their dogs but not the cats. However, you need to help your kitten groom. Brushing it will remove loose fur and prevent the accumulation of fur balls in its stomach, even though it will lick itself clean. Additionally, due to the proximity of the eyes and nose in exotic shorthairs, and the presence of folds on its face, you need to wipe them regularly to prevent an accumulation of dirt.

People with allergies should look for pets with little or no fur. Do not assume that just because these cats are called shorthaired that they will not shed all over your house. However, for people without allergies, these affectionate felines will make ideal companions.

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