Before You Go Out Buying Blue French Bulldog Puppies WA

By Edward Miller

Having a pet is quite a challenge and a joy also. Sometime for those of us who can afford it we will want to have a unique pet like a blue French bully. Thus if you are Seattle WA at the moment you may be interested in a blue bully after seeing a blue French bulldog puppies WA for sale sign. If you are raring to get one of these rare dogs then do read on to learn more about it.

The breed, although growing in popularity, is not considered as a breed standard or can stand off as its own. It is seen by the American Kennel Club as some sort of aberration due to recessive traits caused by a dilute gene, which makes the color black lesser than black and more of grayish bluish hue. It also affects the eye colors of the French bully.

The gene is disputed by many saying that if this recessive gene is bred over and over again, that it will dilute the pure gene pool of the standard black French bully. The fear that over breeding of these recessive bullies will make the black bully rarer. But of course the jury is still out on this one, but until a final outlook is seen, this kind of dog is currently disqualified from competing in any dog shows of the American Kennel Club.

Some would argue that the blue variety will have more health complications due to its exhibiting recessive traits, but then again there is no research to support this or a majority consensus to attest to this. As of this article writing, regardless of the color, all these bullies will still suffer from the same kind of health and medical complications.

These complications will include shortness of breath due to it inability to control its internal body temperature so it must be kept cool during summertime. It is a dog best kept in places of temperate climates, not extremes. Regular check ups should be done with the veterinarian to test for intestinal parasites and flea and tick control.

When visiting a breeder kennel make sure that it is not a puppy mill for this particular breed. Remember that blues should not be forced bred and part of their appeal is that they will come out naturally and rarely also, thus adding to their charm and price also. Unscrupulous breeders will force the breeding of these recessive trait dogs which is in a way unprincipled and uncalled for as it seems to be forcing the hands of nature.

When looking for a reputable breeder, do go online. Visit forums and talk to other owners or enthusiasts and you will be able to weed out the good from the bad. Also go for breeders that have high kennel club reputations and standings so as to give you better peace of mind.

In essence this article shows you what to know when you want to have this kind of breed. Do delve in deeper research to assist you in your final decision and make sure that you understand that to be a pet owner takes a lot of responsibility and commitment.

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