How To Find A Responsible French Bulldog Breeders

By Janet Butler

There are so many abandoned dogs roaming the neighborhoods. Most of these animals are abandoned by their owners because of reason such as hereditary diseases that they cannot treat. It is, thus, important to avoid puppy mills that do not follow breeding regulations and end up producing substandard breeds. Below are some quick tips to find responsible French bulldog breeders in your area.

Researching and deciding on a breeding facility is quite a workload but it pays off in the end. A good breeder offers some guarantee of a healthy dog because they follow regulations to ensure that their animals are kept according to standards. You are, thus, likely to get a dog with the desirable qualities.

Ask for help from people you know who have dogs. These could be family member or friends. Tell them what you need and if they have a breeder they have worked with and trust, they could refer you to them. This way, you will cut down the time you need to do your research.

Nevertheless, you should not forget to clarify all the necessary information. Do not buy a dog from a facility simple because a trustworthy friend referred you there. It could be a good facility but they do not focus much on the French bulldog and thus not the best place to make your purchase. Make sure the breeder is registered with the AKC, CKC, UKC or any other relevant body.

Avoid online based breeders. Generally, do not buy from any professional you cannot meet with. Instead, choose breeders close to your area so that you can meet with them. Visit their facilities and ask lots of questions to clear all doubts you may have. Try to visit as many breeding facilities as possible.

Look for specialist breeders. Ask them what kind of breeders they specialize in before telling them what you need. If you notice that they do not have French bulldog, check elsewhere even if they promise that they can make arrangements. Those who keep a variety of breeds may not pay special attention to the needs of individual breeds.

Choose an experienced breeder. Dogs are very different when it comes to housing and feeding habits. Most people think that all dogs just a warm house and dog food and that is it. There are other issues such as grooming, which depends on fur type. A good breeder should know these qualities.

During your visit, check out the facility. Visit the kennels and confirm whether they are clean and odorless. The puppies should be playful and energetic as this is a sign of good health during the first few months. If they seem dull and isolated, then something is definitely wrong.

The breeder should have the genetic history of every dog. This should help them know its parental lineage, if they have any genetic problems or any other health conditions. If possible, see both the parents to confirm their breeds because some crossbreeds look so similar to purebreds. However, you should expect to hear that the father is not physically available as some facilities use dogs from other breeders.

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