Things To Know Before Visiting Breeders Ragdoll Cats

By Joyce King

At this moment in time you are likely in the market for a new cat to keep you company. As part of your search you may have thought of a visit to visit some breeders ragdoll cats in your area or proximate vicinity. It is however advisable to acquaint yourself with this breed prior to purchasing one. Read on in this article for some much needed information that can serve as a guide for you.

The breed is named after a turn of the century toy for girls due to its unique ability. This ability is to become boneless and go very limp when it is picked up or handled by anyone. This is also a breed that will exhibit only one eye color, and that color is always blue.

This breed has the uncanny reputation of being the most docile of all the cat breeds in the family Felidae. Given such a distinct reputation, it can be safe to surmise that it will have a very poor ability of winning any fights. It is thus important that it be kept away from contact with other animals which may do it harm. Thus making it stay indoors most or if not all of the time is a practice that must be adhered to.

Owners, or even potential owners, should always foresee a general disadvantage caused by its overall docility, as it affects its security. It is always possible that anyone can just come by and pick your ragdoll up, and it will not put up much of a struggle or even fuss. Thus it can be stolen easily and this is all the more reason to keep it inside as well as under lock and key.

Its docile and friendly nature is also what makes for the overall popularity of this breed. This feline that does not claw at things it is curious or interested in, but rather just paws at it. This way of playing makes it safe to be around small children and thus one can peacefully forget about any untoward incidents related to scratching.

Giving this cat regular baths will not be an issue for any owner, as it is one of the breeds that loves to be around water. It is recommended however that a regular brushing of its fur be done, at least twice a week, as it will tend to mat and tangle quite easily. The regular fur brushing will also assist in making sure all essential oils from the skin is evenly distributed, which is necessary for fur health. These chemicals also give the fur sheen and strength.

Having this breed will give one a pleasant surprise as it does not act aloof and snooty like other cats. It will act more like a small puppy and dog as it loves to follow its owner around and get involved in any activity.

And so this article has covered some important tidbits of information regarding this specific breed of cat that you may find useful. Apart from the items discussed here, it is also a good idea to research for more information on the internet, especially on diet and maintenance, so that you can be more prepared for taking care of it. It is good to remember that it takes a lot of responsibility and commitment becoming a pet owner.

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