Things To Consider Before Visiting Siberian Cat Breeders Georgia

By Sandra Walker

An avid cat lover, you are probably reading this article right now because of your general interest in felines and you may be in the market for a new four legged companion of the feline persuasion. You may have started to toy around with the idea of getting a Siberian, and are all set to go out and visit some Siberian Cat Breeders Georgia out there and make your final acquisition. Before you do make that final commitment while you are in Georgia, read on and learn more about this breed.

The breed is also known by another name, the Moscow Semi Longhair. It is a popular breed in Russia and has been part of Russian culture and storytelling for the past ten centuries at least. It is a cat that is used in may farms and homesteads in the Siberian wilderness to catch rats and mice, a job that this breed is still doing today actually.

Once you acquire this cat, expect a lot of energy from it. In fact saying a lot is an understatement. Many will attest that it has somehow tapped into the fountain of youth due to its active disposition and immature manner at times. You must however remember that it may take up to five years to mature in terms of personality and such.

A cat that also acts like a dog in many respects, it has the distinct behavior of always wanting to follow you around and always wants to be included in any activity that you do. Apart from purring it will chirp like a little bird, a characteristic also seen in the Egyptian Mau. Loving water, this cat will give one no problems when it comes to regular bathing or washing.

The Siberian will also have its own share of medical complications unique to its breed just as with any other cat out there. It can development complication with its kidneys and deal with issues related to heart enlargement. Thus it is a good idea to be vigilant in terms of health maintenance and regular vet visits as well as controlling its food intake, as it does love to eat.

As has been mentioned earlier of its love of water, it is thus easy to give it a bath and wash it. The challenge however lies in the fact that the fur is water resistant, so you will have to find creative means of applying shampoo and such. Regular brushing is also recommended to build a stronger bond between you and the Siberian, although the fur in itself is resistant to matting and tangling.

The fur of this breed is also considered and widely accepted as being hypoallergenic. Despite this, be advised to keep a one month living period with it and do a strict observation to see if it does cause any allergy triggers to occur.

Once you have weighed all your options and did further research on many of its other qualities, then the time is ripe that you do go out and get one. Do schedule a visit to a reputable dealer or breeder and be aware that some do try to cheat you by selling a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat instead.

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