What To Do Before Buying Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

By Anthony Scott

More likely than not you are a cat lover and that is why you are reading this small write up right now. You may recently have come across a ragdoll kittens for sale advertisement and thus probably be interesting in purchasing a kitten. Prior to spending your hard earned dollars on this breed, finish this article for some information that should help you decide.

The cat is named after a popular turn of the century toy for girls, the ragdoll. This is because it becomes very limp and boneless when it is picked up or handled. Another unique characteristic of this breed is that it will only have blue eyes and no other color.

The cat also one of the most docile, if not the most docile of the feline breeds. Due to this docility it will not do at all that it kept outdoors, as it will never survive any fight with any other animal, especially strays. It is highly recommended that it be kept indoors through most of its natural life.

Another potential disadvantage should be looked at in terms of security due to its docility. As it is very tame and friendly, any unscrupulous individual may approach and pick it up. Keeping it under lock and key, and indoors are two key considerations in storing this feline.

The popularity of this breed can also likewise be traced to its overall timidity and also overt friendly nature. When playing with items, such as toys and such, it will paw at them rather than claw them. Having such a playing behavior makes them extremely safe to be around small children as no untoward scratching incident will take place. You will need not worry of a possible declawing or not.

Its fur is prone to matting and tangling so it needs to be brushed regularly, at least twice a week. The brushing will also assist in distributing essential oils to the fur for proper maintenance. In terms of giving it a bath there will be no problem with this cat since it is a breed that loves to be near water. So do not expect too much of a fuss during bath time.

It is a cat that is not altogether aloof, as most cats are. It will be acting more like a dog most of the time as it want to follow you around and will want to be involved in all the things or activities that you do.

This article has thus shown you some information for you to mull over and think about on your way to a decision to whether to get this cat or not. It is also a good idea to get more information especially regarding maintenance and health issues regarding this breed so that you can be better prepared for it. Remember that it takes a lot of commitment and responsibility to take care of any pet so you must get as much information on any potential pet that you want to keep.

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