The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Square And Round Hay Bales CT

By Sandra Lee

Hay comes in different shapes and sizes. The question about the best bale among this two continue to puzzle so many farmers. Though every farmer have their own tastes, it is very important as a livestock farmer to know which the best hay to buy. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of square and round Hay Bales CT.

As technological advancements continue to be done in the agricultural sector, the way hay is produced is different from the recent past. Manufacturers make use of these innovations in giving farmers best quality grass. However, one must be aware of the type of grass to buy. This is where the nutritional value of the grass matters a lot. In this case the higher the grass quality the higher the nutritional value.

Depending on the quality, there is also the quantity that the livestock should be given daily. The dealer should be aware of the correct quantity so that they may be in a position to answer all the questions the clients may inquire. They will not only buy enough but also know how much nutritional value should be supplied to their livestock for essential growth and energy supply.

Hay has different weight, size and shape. As a dealer, one should have all the varieties which are available. This is because every customer has different tastes and preferences from each other. Having different varieties will attract more clients and also help grow the business.

Despite them meeting all the exportation requirements, square bales are very prone to moisture growth. They can easily get spoilt by rain and requires the farmer to store them in a shed. This is centrally to the rounded one. Due to its structure it does not allow water to penetrate through even when left outside.

Different countries export hay to other states. When buying, it is good to enquire from the seller the best hay. Normally purchasing the exported bales will offer one quality since they meet international standard. However, since climatic conditions are different, countries who export hay have different varieties that they export and this is why the dealer is of much importance during this time.

The price at which one sells the grass will dictate also the number of clients. Since the aim of every business is to make profit, it is always prudent for one to carry out market research on the current prices at which other dealers are selling their products at. This will help one not to under-price or over price. However, sourcing the best quality hay from reputable distributors at a fair price will also help one not only give quality but also sell it at an affordable fee.

Hay comes in different sizes and shapes. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. Prior to purchasing, one should consult the seller or a veterinary on the best bale to buy. This will help one ensure that proper nutritional care has been provided without challenges. It is only through quality grass that farmers can take their livestock farming to the next level.

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