Important Information About Havanese Ontario Canada

By Margaret Lee

Many people like the Havanese Dog breed due to its small cuddly size silky hair, and warm, expressive eyes. The dog is bred to be a companion, and it is known to stick close to the owner. They are the kind of dogs that are not comfortable being left alone for a long time and enjoy feeling like a part of a family. If you are thinking about getting Havanese Ontario Canada, here is what you need to know.

The breed is very friendly and gets along well with everyone including strangers. If you have children, this will be an appropriate puppy for you for it is comfortable with the kids and other pets in the house. It is not rough with children but you should not let them play for long without supervision. You should train the kids how to play with the puppy without annoying it.

Most people think that small dogs have little energy, and though this is true in most cases, it is, in fact, the opposite when it comes to the Havanese breed of dog. Despite their small nature, they are energetic and playful. Thus, you need to make sure that you find the time to play as well as take the dog for walks. Failure to do this, the dog will end up having too much energy and turn out to be destructive.

You should never take long before brushing as this is a breed that requires a lot of care. You can clip the hair short to make sure it does not tangle. However, you may be one those people who will like to show off, and you may have to let the hair grow but then brush it frequently. When the hair is long, it uses it to keep it cool in times when the temperatures are high.

The breed is the perfect choice for those people who not like the dogs that keep on barking all the time for this breed knows how to keep its cool. It will only bark when something strange is happening thus making a very good alarm raiser.

You need to note that the health of this breed will be your responsibility. This being the case, you should have money to feed it a healthy dog diet and take it to the vet. You need to note that the check-up by the vet is important and will help your dog live a long and healthy life.

If you think that you can keep up with this breed, you should find a reliable breeder to sell it for you. In as much as there are those who are responsible, some are out there to make money and will not follow the procedure of making a healthy dog. Thus, you will end up with a pet that has the poor temperament and genetic illness.

Many people assume that taking care of dogs is not difficult, but on the contrary, before you purchase your puppy you should be sure you are fully prepared. The dog will require your time and attention and care. Therefore you should not take one home if you are not entirely prepared for the task.

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