Choosing The Best Ragdoll Breeders TICA Registered

By Amy Kennedy

Breeding pedigreed kittens is a very expensive procedure including time to carefully select the healthiest and best bred pairs. When looking for the right Ragdoll breeders TICA certified persons are a must ensuring that every care is taken to deliver healthy and happy kittens. Reliance on research and ways of detecting a pedigree line, one can find reliable sellers for the best selections.

The following tips focus on the steps interested buyers can take to select a kitten and ensure that it is healthy and TICA registered. TICA registration includes The International Cat Association a major representative governing the practices of breeders and upholding the regulations for pedigreed felines. Ensure that your breeder is TICA registered before purchasing a Ragdoll.

Ragdolls are distinct felines that are blue eyed and possess brown coloring across the face and ears and legs. The coat is exceptionally soft and includes long hair that does not produce large amounts of shedding hair with a simple groom to keep clean and a loving personality for the whole family to enjoy. Looking for a breeder who is invested in the care of these cats can help make the journey of finding your feline friend more pleasant.

Contacting a reputable seller will help you view litters and interact with cats to determine whether it is the right breed for you. Felines rely on constant care from their owners including visits to the vet and a great quality diet to minimize ailments and maintain a strong, healthy condition. Kittens are sold to buyers who are prepared to provide for the needs of young pets and afford their care.

Kittens are sold with a health evaluation provided by the seller. A vet must sign a certificate to provide proof the assessment was completed and ensures that your kitten is not ill or abnormally structured at the time of purchase. It protects buyers from purchasing pets that are diseases or have not been correctly bred.

Calling the seller and setting up a viewing can help learn more about their practices. All kittens should be raised under foot and allowed to interact with the family, possess clean coats and a friendly curious nature. The cattery housing the males and females must be clean and free from odors and sellers should be readily available to answer your questions concerning the pets.

Ragdolls can benefit from routine wellness assessments and certification with TICA adding to the initial expense of owning these felines. The selection of specific genetic processes and ensuring that only the best adult pets are chosen to produce litters will maintain the pedigree. Litters are not produced on a seasonal basis as it can cause females to decline in health requiring alternative care for the healthiest results.

TICA registered breeders are prepared to incorporate important regulations and practices that meet the health standards for these felines. With research, it can help you find the right pets and trust your seller to make the process of finding a feline friend more pleasant. Your homework is an important step in finding cats that are well bred and without ailments.

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