Learn More About Owning Adorable Cavachon Pups

By Raymond Brooks

A dog makes a terrific companion because they are forever loyal, always ready to comfort, very entertaining, and have a gift for making a person feel loved. However, when deciding to adopt a pet, it is best to choose one whose activity levels, typical behavioral traits, personality characteristics, grooming needs, and health concerns, are suited for one's living conditions and lifestyle. If looking for a cute designer breed possessing many attractive qualities and adaptability, Cavachon pups may be the answer.

These dogs are a combination of a pure bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a full blooded Bichon Frise, both of which fall under the Toy category in sizing. They are may also be obtained by mating two first generation Cavachons though they are difficult to breed, making them rare, and certain qualities may diminish if further generations are mated. As a mix, they are not recognized by major kennel clubs and there are no authoritative standards in place.

These dogs are quite small, typically reaching no more than thirteen inches high and eighteen pounds when fully grown. Though they may be a variety of colors, they are commonly shades of brown, white, and peach. They are considered hypoallergenic as their soft, silky, thick slightly wavy or curly coats are generally low dander and minimal shed.

Their average lifespan is about 15-20 years and with regular checkups and proper care, they should remain relatively healthy. They are prone to issues typical of small dog breeds such as flea allergies, heart murmurs, and eye ulcerations caused by their hair getting into their eyes. Their ears need to be cleaned weekly because fur grows in them which can lead to infections.

Cavachons are very friendly, gentle, affectionate, intelligent, social, and energetic but not hyperactive. They require daily walks or activity to burn off some of their extra energy though they are generally very well behaved indoors. These dogs form very deep bonds with their humans and are most content when in the company of attentive people or other household pets.

This particular breed is just a bit high maintenance when it comes to grooming. This is because they do not shed much so their fur grows thick, long, and curly which is the perfect combination for matting. They will require daily brushing in order to keep their coat smooth and silky or else one will need to pay the costs to take them to the groomer regularly.

This is an intelligent breed and the dogs are relatively fast learners when training is done consistently. It is best to begin their socialization and behavioral education while very young so that they do not form negative habits first that will have to be overcome. The sooner their obedience conditioning starts, the better the results will be.

For anyone who has a limited amount of space, travels a lot or stays in a recreational vehicle, or who has allergies, Cavachons may be the perfect choice. They build wonderful connections with the elderly, children, and other pets. This small breed is sure to provide their families with endless loyalty, much comfort and companionship, and plenty of love.

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