How To Find The Best Specialist In Hay Delivery In Connecticut

By Shirley Smith

Finding dependable feed suppliers is one of the major problems that horse owners face. This is because the nutritional needs of the animals demand the provision of right quality grass and legumes consistently. Below are tips on finding the best specialists in hay delivery in Connecticut.

It is important that you research a lot on the right source of animal feeds near you. If you have never dealt with these sellers before, you should begin by soliciting for recommendations. You can ask your friends, family, neighbors or other pony owners to refer you to sources that they trust. Still, you can strive to extend your search online as most sellers have websites.

Consider reputation. It is always imperative that you only seek to buy from a seller who is known for quality supplies. This may require requesting whoever you are considering to introduce you other homeowners who they have sold feeds to before. You can also go online and search reviews on any company that you are about to buy from. Contacting the Better Business Bureau is also a great way of avoiding rogue dealers.

When inspecting the right hay to buy, there certain things to look for. This is because your horses require quality grass to maintain good digestive health and body condition. For this reason, you should avoid purchasing silage that are excessively dusty or produce musty smell. These are usually indications of mold formations and the presence of harmful toxins.

Ask for laboratory test reports. A good seller should willingly provide you with a laboratory analysis of the products that they sell. Examine such a report to determine whether the product is both nutritious and safe for your animals to consume. Moreover, you should choose someone who is knowledgeable and can provide you with useful information on feeding your horses. They should also be licensed by the relevant agencies in your area.

Buy in large quantities. There are two main benefits that you can withdraw from purchasing grass for your animals in bulk. First, you will be able to have enough stock to take them for a long time. This will consequently help you maintain consistency in the quality of the silage you offer your horses. Additionally, you can to negotiate with the supplier you have chosen for better prices.

Squeeze a handful of the hay you want to buy. If it hurts, then the product is too mature to be a good meal for your livestock. When buying grass, you should also be on the lookout for seed heads. If they are too many and well formed, then the product will be too fibrous for the liking of your livestock. The grass you buy should also not have too many stems.

Go for bales with bright green colors. This is important when buying legumes as the bales should have lots of small and fresh leaves. However, the presence of flowers usually indicate that the plants are too mature to be served to your horses. Finally, buy hay baled in acceptable forms that make it easier for your animals to chew.

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