Some Information Before You Visit French Bulldog Breeders

By Steven Adams

You may be thinking of getting a pet seeing how happy your friends are with theirs. In fact you are thinking of taking the plunge and visiting any of several French bulldog breeders in Ohio so that you can get a puppy. Before you do visit theme however, it pays to know a bit more about the pet you have in mind.

It is a dog that extends its lineage all the way down to the ancient Greek era when it was bred for the primary purpose of fighting bulls in the arena in a sport called bull baiting. At the height of the popularity of the sport, the breed was widely distributed by the help of Phoenician traders in the Mediterranean. Once the sport was outlawed, many of these dogs became pets and household companions instead. It is considered as the sixth most popular dog breed and has a playful and adaptable personality.

This dog will always want attention, and it wants all of it if warranted. Should it have the feeling it is not getting enough, it will let out the French death yodel, an eerie ululating sound. Also take note that the females are very protective of their litter, and also anything that they care about and for.

The dog can be pretty active and is rated as a medium activity level breed. It can on the other hand stay quite inactive for the most part of the day and thus it is well suited for condos and apartments. One should however make sure that it is given an half hour walk everyday for it to have some minor stretching.

They are related to the British bulldog in a way, but they are of smaller and wider girth and have shorter legs. They also have ears that are always erect which make them look like a bat from certain angles. They are lesser aggressive however and can be kept safely with other animals and children.

As regards health complications they will set in as they age, in particular with regards to the eyes wherein they will develop cataracts. They are also equipped with a pug nose and smaller airways due to their compact size, and this exacerbates their problem with proper temperature maintenance of their body, thus they cannot handle extreme weather. It is not advisable that they are kept in tropical or subarctic conditions as they may die.

They are also a fairly short lived breed sad to say, only living from between eight to ten years in average. To extend their lifespan a bit it is advisable to get the advice of your veterinarian on proper maintenance and upkeep, as well as proper nutrition guidelines.

Covered in this article are some pieces of information on the French bulldog that you may find useful. Always remember to keep all bases covered in terms of information and the like so that you can make an informed decision later on. Always keep in mind that taking on the responsibility of caring for a pet takes a lot of commitment.

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