Five Small Dog Breeds For Apartment Spaces

By Jim Silverstein

You don't always need a large space to own a dog. Fortunately there are a wide range of small dog breeds that do well in any size apartment of home. There are many other benefits to owning a little pooch such as that it is less expensive and time consuming to keep them fit and healthy. The following 5 are always worth checking out.

For those who dream of owning one of the small fluffy dog breeds there are many to pick from. If you'd like one that doesn't shed and therefore won't require you constantly picking up hair the Lhasa Apso would be an ideal choice. These are very alert little pooches and therefore make good watchdogs as well.

The Boston terrier is a favorite on just about every small dog breeds list. Their contrasting black and white coat can be stunning. And if you like pooches that have a face similar to that of the bulldog but are usually much healthier they are a great choice. Normally they do not exceed twenty five pounds in weight.

The Jack Russell terrier is one little firecracker of a pet. Among the best small dog breeds for those with an active lifestyle it will need a positive outlet for its energy so it doesn't get into trouble. Because they have a long lifespan if you choose this breed you most likely will be able to enjoy many long years together.

The dachshund is one of the most identifiable breeds in the world. It has short legs and a long narrow body. In fact many people find that it reminds them of a hot dog. This body shape actually helps them to hunt small burrowing animals which is what they were originally bred for.

If you are a fan of the bull terrier but want something not as large you may want to opt for the miniature bull terrier. These have the same characteristics just on a smaller scale. But, they aren't great for owners who don't have a lot of experience since they can be very headstrong. To tire them out they will need a daily walk.

Every one of the small dog breeds we've mentioned is special in a different way. Even if you've already fallen in love with one of them, it's always smart to take some time and think about what you truly want and what type of pet would work best with your situation first. And remember these are just a taste of what's out there, there are many more to pick from.

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