The Merits Of Obedience Training For Dogs Houston TX

By George Walker

You just got a new dog, maybe a young puppy even. And now you are looking for some serious help. You want to be a good dog owner, but you also want him to be obedient. No matter whether you are looking into puppy training to make your new friend housebroken, or whether you are looking for further advanced dog training, here are some tips to get you started on obedience training for dogs Houston TX.

You are the master, the alpha dog. Dogs are animals used to a strong social structure where obedience plays an important role in their natural life. Dogs have a natural instinct to follow commands of their leader. That leader is also known as the "alpha dog". Needless to say, the alpha dog in this case should be you. The biggest mistake would be not taking command of your dog and let your pet become the alpha dog instead. So, don't be afraid. Be strong, be the one in control. He will listen and respect you.

Of course if you want to also add in lead teaching, (useful) and a few other tricks like you being the one to initiate playtime, not the dog, (which actually takes us into the realms of pack-leadership, sorry, I digress!) but the actual "teaching" list is like a bottomless pit, you can add on and on but at the end of the day most people will settle for a nicely behaved animal that they are not ashamed to be seen out with, and that won't cause a commotion at the local park!

"Obedience training" in itself is a general term which covers clicker teaching, dog whispering, reward teaching, positive reinforcement etc; all of them work but you need to chose the most appropriate one for you and your dog. The general idea is that he knows what to expect from you and vice versa.

Verbal command. Dogs respond surprisingly well to verbal commands. It is possible to train your dog so it reacts to your commands, but make sure not to confuse him while you train it listening to your voice. You could use commands like "No", "Jump", "Sit Down", "Come", and "Go".

This obedience training will teach you the techniques on how to curb your dog's aggressiveness, how to house train your dog, stop fighting with other dogs, stop unnecessary jumping and barking, prevent your dog from consuming his own poop, stop nipping, biting, mouthing problems and other embarrassing and annoying dog's behavior problems.

The benefit to having an "obedience trained" dog is that he will be a much safer animal, knowing from a young age exactly how to behave around friends and family members, children and also outside of the home, added to which it gives him much needed mental stimulation and giving him in effect, a "job" to do.

Therefore, it's a good idea if you always have treats in your pockets while you train your pet. Once you see it is doing something right give the treat to the dog. Alternatively, you can also praise and pet your dog. Your dog is very well able to understand and it will just take some time until you will see the fruits of your training.

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