Hopkinton MA Pest Control Guidelines On How To Control Mice

By Cliford Waluhan

You've seen the cute pink noses and whiskers. Mice are cute creatures, but one mouse often turns into an infestation of destruction as they nibble their way through electrical wires and insulation and leave their droppings everywhere. It can be very discouraging to reach for a box of something to cook and find a mouse has chewed through it. It is even worse to find the mouse is still in the package. But there are some helpful suggestions to help you get rid of a rodent nuisance from professional pest control Hopkinton MA.

Consider using spring traps to catch the mice. These traps work by releasing a spring that captures the mouse whenever the mouse is drawn to the spring by the cheese bait that is put in the trap. This is a traditional but popular solution used by many people.

Glue traps and live catch traps also work. The glue traps are less humane as they glue the mouse in place when he steps on the sticky substance and he basically dies of starvation. The live catch traps catch the mice and allow you to release them away from homes so they don't return. Contrary to popular belief, a better bait than cheese is to use peanut butter, bacon or chocolate.

Live traps catch the mice but they don't cause the mouse to die. You can opt to let the mice go. Off course, you have to let it off quite far from your house, so that the mouse doesn't return.

You can also keep various pets that eat mice. This includes having a cat or snakes. The only problem with this method is that it is not guaranteed, since you are not sure whether the pets will eat the mice or not. You can also opt to poison the mice. This often brings good results and it's a less cumbersome process.

Of course, prevention is better than trying to get rid of the mice. Having your home treated with repellent, both outside and in can help keep the mice from entering in the first place. Closing any broken windows and filling any cracks or holes that mice can get into is also necessary. If they can't get in, or don't want to, then eliminating them is not an issue.

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