Things To Know About Dog Boarding Facilities

By Diane Meyer

People are often questioning themselves on what to do with their pets during time of emergencies and travels. They could try to bring them only to discover that it is not allowed in the place that they were going to. It could also be possible that their pets will get sick due to traveling or just run away during the trip adding more problems to the occasion.

Some owners will just request their neighbors or friends to look after them during their travels but there are risks for this specially if they are not capable enough. This might result in your pet being sick or they would try to escape and find you due to the chosen custodian having not enough knowledge in preventing these things. Fortunately, you could choose to leave them in dog boarding Las Vegas facilities instead where professional care is given.

This would make you confident that your dog is experiencing a happy and safe time with them. And it would also enjoy your own vacation knowing that your pet is being cared at properly in the best way possible. Here are some things you need to know about these facilities which could help you in choosing one to trust.

Start searching for companies online or in the yellow pages in your area that are offering this service. Ask recommendations from your friends and family members as well on a kennel that is trustworthy. Get to know their reasons on recommending that particular place and what was their experience with them was like.

Contact the kennel and ask if they will be able to accommodate your dog because they might be fully booked depending on the time of the year. Inquire as well if their company can accept and handle any special accommodations like medications, differently scheduled feeding time or a large breed of dogs. Schedule an appointment to visit them to check their place and if it is to your satisfaction.

Observe the cleanliness of the kennel by how it looks and smell and if visitors are allowed in the housing area. Some kennels are not allowing visitors inside to prevent them from bringing bacteria that can cause sickness or the dogs may react aggressively to them. There should be a viewing window which allows you to see the area your dog will be staying.

Observe the security and safety provided by the facility and the things they have in achieving these things. Sturdy gates and fences are a must in preventing dogs from escaping while looking for their owners. The area must have no objects which can potentially cause harm and injuries to the animals or any choking hazards and other infrastructures for safety.

Their personnel must be competent enough and should check frequently the pets for any symptoms of having health problems. These symptoms are difficult to distinguish so having someone that can detect them is great. These facilities will display their certifications showing that their personnel are capable.

There are other things you need to observe before deciding on leaving your dog in their care and these are just the basic ones. Do these things way ahead of the intended time of travel or even if there are no plans yet to know where to leave them in emergencies. Do not do these things near the planned date of travel as you might not find the right one on time in Las Vegas, NV.

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