A Brief Primer On The Frenchie Dog

By Margaret Green

A great joy and challenge that anyone can probably achieve is to have a pet to look after. Whether this pet be a canine or a feline, the experience is basically just the same. Most of your friends are probably dog owners and lovers and have recommended that you get a frenchie dog as a companion. Before you do go out and buy one in Ohio however, it may be a good idea to finish this article first.

The term frenchie is what is given to the French bulldog, which is a breed that has been around since the ancient Greek times. Its main role was to fight bulls in the arena in the blood sport of bull baiting which became popular throughout the Mediterranean. It was widely distributed by Phoenician traders and these same dogs later on became pets when bull baiting was made illegal.

This breed is seen to be the sixth most popular dog breed when looking at American Kennel Club statistics. This is probably owing to the fact that it is a very playful dog with a very adaptable personality. It is a breed that demands a lot of attention, and if it feels in any way neglected it will let out an eerie and ululating sound which has been called the French death yodel. Female frenchies are also known for their being very caring and protective of their puppies and those they care for.

The breed is fairly energetic and can be rated a medium. However, it can also do quite well being inactive for prolonged periods and thus can be a good indoor dog. It can be well suited to urban small quarters living like apartments or condominiums. However, it still needs to be taken on at least a half hour walk to enable it to let go of excess energy and stretch its legs.

It is fairly similar to the English bulldog in that they have the same mastiff ancestry, they differ in size and looks. They are smaller and more robust in terms of a wider girth, and have eternally erect ears. They do not share the same aggressive nature as the English bulldog, and thus can be safely kept with small children and other animals.

When it gets older do prepare yourself for a share of complications regarding the eyes, particularly cataracts. You must also ensure that it is never exposed to extreme heat or cold, as it has a very difficult time in regulating its core body temperature due to its more compact airway and also its pug nose. Do not consider taking this breed as a pet if you live in very hot or very cold climates.

This particular dog also has a shorter lifespan of only eight to ten years when compared to other breeds. Thus extended care and maintenance, particularly in nutrition is needed for it to go over the average lifespan line. A regular visit and consultation with the veterinarian should assist in this regard.

This short article has shown some considerations and also basic info about the breed at hand. Remember to always get as much information as possible on whatever pet you have in mind for being a pet owner takes a lot of responsibility as well as a lot of commitment.

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