Tips In Looking For American Bulldog Breeders

By Brenda Graham

American bulldogs are a breed of working dogs that are protective, loyal, energetic and confident. They have a strong will and its trainer should invest time in establishing a dominant role between them. They are excellent family dogs and can be friendly to anyone including other dogs and cat if socialized properly.

Buying one in order to make it your pet requires you to make a decision after thorough thinking and proper research regarding the breed have been done. You could get information from various sources but most specially from American bulldog breeders. The following are some tips in looking for one and the proper way of raising them.

Purchasing from puppy mills should be avoided. These are places that does not think about the health and standards of living of dogs when breeding them. Specific health conditions are prone to appear on American bulldogs although if properly bred, it lowers the chances of the conditions to be passed down and inherited by the puppies. Inbred dogs though are more likely to inherit and get genetic health problems. Make sure the puppy you will be getting is not from inbreeding.

Another place that is not ideal to buy puppies from are pet stores because the usually get their stocks from puppy mills as well. They will not admit to this and will insist that they only get them from breeders that are reputable. Get the information of the breeder such as the name and address and see for yourself if the pet store is telling the truth.

Backyard breeders are those that have very little knowledge in breeding the optimal dog and in preventing genetic conditions to pass down. They are not good in training and rarely have their dogs check for health conditions. A large quantity of puppies are always available and they do not seem to run out of them indicating that they do not control when their dogs mate. Avoid this kind of breeders at all cost.

Hobby breeders meanwhile are very cautious in selecting the dogs to be bred and are very familiar with the breed including every needs it has. Usually, they have been registered to dog organizations and make sure all the time that their puppies are very healthy before having them sold. They would also interview the new owners in order to know if they are capable to raise the pup.

Socialize your bulldog with others while it is still young to avoid unwanted behaviors from developing such as biting. Let them take as much time as possible to get familiar with different things and do not rush them on it. Keep them on a leash when introducing to new people and pets to avoid any accidents that may happen.

Start early in training them about obedience and make them know as well as feel that you are dominant in the relationship. Voice with hand commands must be used simultaneously with consistence as to avoid confusing them. Hand commands will be useful in conditions that the dog may not be able to hear you so they will still be able to understand you.

They need regular exercises as they are an athletic and energetic breed which will have favorable tempers when allowed to have its exercise. Their facial structures make it hard for them to breathe so allow them regular breaks. They are very strong so be careful during play time with them.

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