French Bulldog Puppy Breeders And How To Find Them

By Charles Robinson

One the best breeds with good color varieties is well known among dog owners and is in high demand among those who want to own pets. This kind of canine was bred from English and Continental varieties known for their fighting qualities and a good instinct for guarding homes and people. This dog is not hard to find today, and there are many reputable breeders for them.

Many people like their canines small enough not to crowd a home and strong enough to be a deterrent for intruders. French bulldog puppy breeders provide would be owners and continuing owners of this breed with good, well bred puppies with complete papers from the vets. In the city Ohio most will have some preliminary deworming done and can also come neutered.

This canine was bred from known fighters, but artisans in Nottingham experimented with a much smaller pet, which was adapted in France and became popular with Paris prostitutes. An unenviable start, but they became trusted and popular companions for ladies, and developed the reputation for being good companions in the home. They have a quiet disposition and stay put if their owners need some time to do work or errands.

Thus its owners will have a dog that stays quiet and will not be jumpy and nervous come dinnertime. Those who want to study them should visit the relevant websites devoted to this kind of canine, most of which are reputable. Reason for this is the fact that these are organizations or breeders trusted by the American Kennel Club.

The bat ears of this breed are one of its most endearing qualities, and there used to be two kinds of Frenchies bred. One had the now defunct rose ears, and no one today really has an idea of how this looked, but it probably looked like the cauliflower ears of grizzled boxers. The bat ears won out in the cuteness contest and are now standard for the breed.

Frenchies, for contemporary owners in America are gaining in popularity, and this is noted and recognized among AKC authorities, which can recommend them as great for seniors, PWDs and kids. The dogs are intelligent, loyal and great in the home. While their barks are loud, they will only use it with good reason.

However, one thing about owning this dog is that they are not cheap, especially where the rarer colors are concerned. The most affordable are those with the common fawn, fawn pieds, fawn, brindle and brindle pied colors. The rarer ones are those that are blue, lilac, black and tan, blue and tan and pure black.

Everybody will love the latest addition to the family, who will be shy at first and needs to be taught how the family rules with some firmness. These are not hardheaded creatures who have short attention spans, which is a thing that distinguishes them from other toy breeds. They will be among the most beautiful beings on four feet when you take them out for a walk.

They have the tendency for stateliness and staid balance, and have had sporting qualities bred out of them. They are so unlike the heavy panters, and will live with grace, harmony and balance sans overly demonstrative behavior, concentrating instead on the continuing quiet harmony between dog and man and mutual respect. Thus owners and their pets continue long in this quiet relationship.

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