How Dogs Benefit From Longmont CO Puppy Training

By Brenda Taylor

It takes a lot of effort to train a puppy. Every owner will come to realize this. However, it is essential to start with the basics and you will find that this will pay off in the long run. Longmont CO puppy training is essential. You will find that it is easier as you progress with this and the puppy will begin to learn over time. There are also classes that can be helpful.

They need to know who is in control. When they dog is not trained properly, he can become the boss of the home. This can also become frustrating because he won't listen to you. It can also become dangerous because he may become aggressive and this is where things become more complicated. You will have to train him at a much later stage, which is obviously more tricky.

There should be discipline right from the start. However, you also have to handle this in the right way. A puppy would have just left its mom. It is still young and is coping with various situations in life which can be difficult. You need to be careful with this. You still need to be assertive so it realizes when he has done something wrong.

A lot of owners also feel that they will begin with the discipline later on when the puppy is more mature and comfortable. However it is necessary to start from this at day one when they are developing. They are curious and they are taking everything in at this stage. They will remember and recognize the difference between right and wrong.

In the beginning you need to make a couple of appointments with the veterinarian. A puppy needs to have a variety of injections. It is important that this is monitored. They will need to have something to eliminate fleas which can be a problem.

You need to be assertive and reinforce when the dog has made a mistake. It is important to raise your voice and be stern. However, you mustn't go overboard, especially when the dog is still young. You can expect the puppy to be naughty. When the puppy has learned and is doing the right thing, you need to give them plenty of praise and reward them.

There are also certain things to be aware of. Sometimes a puppy won't be acting in the way that it usually displays himself. He or she may be less energetic. They may be emotionally affected. They may seem to hide away. If you notice that they are getting sick after they have eaten or after exercise, you need to follow this up.

A veterinarian will give you advice regarding the basic eating habits of a young dog. This will vary from one dog to another.

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