What You Need To Know About San Antonio Pet Grooming Services

By Dennis Baker

Grooming is an important factor in the care of companion animals. Grooming a pet will help you detect illnesses or other conditions in the early stage. This means that the problem will be treated earlier, preventing the lasting effects of illnesses. Any diseases can be treated effectively and eradicated quickly. To groom your companion animal easily, you can take it to a San Antonio pet grooming service.

One of the things that pet groomers do is brushing pets. Regular brushing eliminates dirt, dead hairs and dandruff from pets. In cats and kittens, brushing also helps reduce the number of hairballs they ingest. Brushing also prevents matting and tangles, which can cause infections and pain.

The act of brushing arouses the production of natural oil on the coat of the animal. The oil spreads across the coat, leaving it with a healthy and glossy sheen. The groomers get to examine the skin closely as they brush the pet. This allows them to see any abnormalities like bald or dry patches, swelling and ticks on the skin of the pet.

Certain breeds of pets are usually susceptible to parasite infestations and infections in the ears. The ears should be clean and free from odor. A vet should examine the pet if there are any signs of swelling, redness and unpleasant smell. Parasites like mites and ticks should be eradicated.

The eyes of animals must be bright and clear. Hairs around the eyes of your pet must be trimmed to prevent infections. A vet doctor should examine sore or watery eyes of the pet.

Animal grooming also involves examining the teeth of animals. Brushing the teeth of your pet regularly is the best way to prevent periodontal disease. If your domestic animal has bad breath, this is a sign of a dental problem. Your veterinarian will be glad to recommend specialist toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Animal groomers also bathe pets. However, pets should not be bathed too often because the natural oils in their skin will be stripped. This can leave them with itchy, dry patches, which could lead to an infection when scratched. In order to keep your companion germ free and clean, you should bathe it occasionally. A veterinary doctor can inform you about the bathing schedule, he or she would recommend for your pet.

Nail trimming is also part of pet grooming. Long and sharp nails are dangerous for both you and your companion animal because they can cause injuries. Regular trimming will reduce injuries and ingrown nails as well as preventing the animal from being stuck in the upholstery. Nail trimming will reduce joint pain in older pets.

The groomers also clip the excess fur from the pet. They also remove the mats or tangles from the coat of the pet. The procedure is not easy and it may even call for sedation for some restless pets to avoid accidental cutting of the skin. Competent groomers who have the right equipment should complete the task of clipping the coats of pets. Grooming your pet is one of the best ways to keep it healthy and attractive.

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