How To Find A Healthy Australian Labradoodle Chicago

By Jerry Wright

Australian Labradoodles consist of a breed crossing of the Labrador Retriever and the toy or standard poodle. The canine line possesses a naturally curly or wavy coat that is soft to the touch and its general size has made it a popular choice as a pet for the family home. When looking to own a beautiful Australian Labradoodle Chicago owners are encouraged to learn how to identify the right types of sellers.

There are two distinct types of Labradoodle including the Australian and the American line. Australian Labradoodles became most popular around the 1980s and include multi-generational breeding of Labrador, Retriever, poodle and other purebreds while the American bloodline consists of the cross of a Labrador and a poodle. Australian Labradoodles are energetic characters and consist of a Labrador, poodle, Retriever and spaniel crosses.

These friendly and energetic dogs are not a small breed despite the poodle genetics and have instead inherited a soft, wavy coat that is easy to manage. Many breeders have invested in hypoallergenic dogs for people suffering from pet allergies minimizing the amount of dander and loose hair shed. Grooming is simple and dogs will benefit from a weekly brush to prevent matting of the coat.

Labradoodle breeders do not have regular canine registration, but this does not mean that the breeding process is not regulated. Sellers with an interest in maintaining the healthcare of their pets are educated on the heritage and the maintenance of canines. All pups must prove healthy and well cared for based on the completion of a vet examination when preparing for a new environment.

Experienced breeders issue health certification for pets providing the new owner with the proof that puppies are vet checked. The aim is to ensure healthy form and minimize any illnesses that could be passed between pets. All puppies must have certified vaccinations and been dewormed when accepted by a new owner around the age of 8 to 10 weeks.

Labradoodles are full of energy and sellers will request that pets are provided structured exercise and quality diets. A contract is available for buyers to ensure individuals commit to the high standard of healthcare these dogs need. Many sellers interview potential buyers to ensure the new owner is a right fit and has the resources to provide the dog with a lasting home.

A lack of registration does not mean settling for less and should include a thorough investigation into the authenticity of a breeder. The process includes a visit to the breeder where possible to examine the area where puppies are held including their general condition. If litters are purchased online, carefully read the contract and look for reviews of the seller online before making a deposit.

Labradoodles possess an attractive and fun loving nature and have become a popular selection for families interested in owning a trusted breed. Not all sellers produce hypoallergenic dogs and should be carefully consulted before moving forward with a purchase. Understanding how to detect an authentic seller and quality puppies can help make informed and effective decisions.

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