Six Small Dog Breeds Every Potential Owner Should Know About

By Jonathan Atlas

There are many reasons to consider a smaller sized pet. However once most people realize them they don't know where to start. So here are 6 breeds you will want to check out first!

A lot of people are only interested in owning one of the the small fluffy dog breeds. If that's you, the Pomeranian is a splendid choice. The fluffy orange or red coat of this type of canine is very actually very recognizable. Regardless of their small size they actually make very good watchdogs since they are always alert.

Near the top of any small dog breeds list is the French bulldog. These unlike their English counterpart have erect ears that look similar to that of a bat. For anyone who enjoys wrinkles this could be the one.

Without question the Chihuahua is one of the most popular small dog breeds around the world. It is usually the first one to come to mind when anyone mentions tiny breeds. When considering one you should remember that they are known for being nippy with those they aren't familiar with.

Not everyone has the time to go for long walks every day. One of the best small dog breeds for those who have a low-energy lifestyle is the Pug. This adorable companion will only need a minimum amount of exercise to keep him happy.

A large number of dog types shed quite a lot of hair. This is often not only messy in the home but may stick to your clothing too. If you want a little pet but not a ton of hair all over the place a Shih-Tzu might be just right. You will need to comb and take care of their hair however as it can get quite long.

Those who are partial to the look of the Collie may be interested in the Shetland sheepdog. You will need to be prepared for daily exercise or play sessions since they do have a lot of energy. That being said they are very gentle with kids so make a phenomenal family pet.

Just by reading this article you may have found the breed you are looking for. And if not, there is nothing to worry about there are plenty more small dog breeds to choose from each that has its own special traits to meet your needs.

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