What You Need To Know When Selecting A Pet Salon San Antonio

By Joseph Martin

If you have a dog or cat you want them to look their best. Good grooming isn't just aesthetically pleasing. In some cases, with certain dog and cat breeds, a hair cut is necessary to help your pet stay healthy as well as beautiful.If you are looking for a pet salon San Antonio has many that you can choose from. Here are some tips that you can use to find the right one for your needs.

Some dogs and cats have very long, very thick fur that can become matted if it is not brushed and trimmed on a regular basis. In time, those mats can end up growing quite close to the skin. This can be uncomfortable for the pet. If they are left alone long enough they can cause sores and health problems.

You may think all dog fur is created equal but this is not the case. Some can be very long and thick. There are canine coats that are very coarse and which need special care. Other coats may actually have two levels. This was bred into them to provide extra protection if the dog were to go into cold water or be out in bad weather. Knowing the difference is important as double coated dogs often don't do well if they get shaved down.

One thing to look for when you are looking for a salon to groom your pet is whether they are familiar with how to clip certain coats. This is especially true if you are planning to show your pet. Certain breeds have specific hairstyles that they need if they are expected to do well in the ring. Poodles and schnauzers are two examples of dogs with breed-specific hairstyles.

Salons will often not be able to accommodate large or giant canine breeds. Asking what the size or weight limit is at a salon will help you narrow down your options as well. Large dogs will usually cost more even if they are simply being shaved down. This is because bathing and drying them is often much more time consuming than it would be with a smaller breed.

Cats will often need grooming as well. Shorter-haired breeds may be able to look after their own coat care but longer haired breeds may need some help. This is particularly true if they are older and less agile. Very badly matted fur may need to be clipped off. You should make sure that a salon has experience and interest in grooming your feline.

Pricing is always something to keep in mind. Salons can vary quite a bit in their pricing schedule so asking questions before you drop your pet off is a good idea. Keep in mind that simply shaving your pet down may cost one amount whereas a breed-specific style may cost quite a bit more. This is usually because of the extra work involved.

If you are not sure where to look for potential salons, you may be able to start your search at a local pet store. They will likely have heard feedback from their customers and be able to steer you towards more reputable establishments. Otherwise you may want to check online or speak with pet owners about where they get their pets groomed.

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