Better Obedience Training For Dogs Houston TX

By Susan Olson

Trying to maintain obedience in a dog who has not been taught the basic commands is hard work. Some dogs don't know the difference between sit and come here. It can be frustrating. You may have adopted a rescue dog, and it requires patience because many of these dogs have been neglected. Obedience training for dogs Houston TX is essential.

Of course, this can be exhausting, but the dog will start to process these commands once you encourage him and her. You also need to reinforce the dog from day one. Encourage the dog when they are behaving the right way, by giving them a treat or praising them. This will also motivate them. Negative behavior also needs to be looked at in the most suitable way as well.

You also need to be repetitive so that it starts to sink in. Once they begin to listen to you, it is important that you praise him or her. This will encourage the dog. Treats can also be given to the dog, teaching them that they have done something right. Making sure that you are calm and relaxed, but confident and in control at the same will help at a time like this.

On the other hand, when the dog disobeys you, you need to be more assertive. The dog needs to recognize when he has done something wrong. However, it is important to make sure that you don't lose control. This especially applies to a dog who has been adopted or one that has been abused. You need to be more subtle in your approach.

Dogs also need to learn about the come command which is something that is used almost on a daily basis. It is often used in conjunction with the dog's name. Once the dog responds it is important to praise him as well. Of course, this can also be used in a negative way as well when the dog does something naughty. This is why the tone of your voice is important.

You also have to decide whether you want the dog to be included when you are sitting together in the living room. Some families are more laid back and don't mind the dog hopping on the furniture. However, there are folk who prefer the dog to have their own basket. In a case like this, you will have to make them go to their bed.

Teaching them to sit can often be a tricky one when the dog is more excitable. All dogs have different personalities. It can be particularly difficult to cope with when you have a rescue dog who is more nervous. It can take time for you to nurture them. They need to adapt to the surroundings. They also need to realize that you are in control.

They will also pick up on your anxiety levels, so it is important that you try to stay calm when visitors come because they may become more aggressive or excitable. You need to be confident and assertive when giving them commands. They need to know what the most suitable way in behaving is.

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