Registered Holland Lop Bunnies For Sale

By James Barnes

The Holland Lop is a very small breed of rabbit characterized by its flat face, low hanging ears, and gentle temperament. Originally bred in the Netherlands, these animals have become popular as pets available in a wide range of colors from black and white, brown and white, and beige to black. The following tips can help you find registered Holland Lop Bunnies for sale.

Hollands have been rated as the most in demand pet and are often placed in the show ring for proud owners. The animals have a rollback coat that is soft and fine and have remained the most popular choice as pets for children. These animals to not have to be washed continuously or groomed daily, but will benefit from a soft brush at least twice a week to maintain the coat and prevent against the formation of matting.

The rabbit are often on show and must possess the most suitable colors from solid to broken to ensure that they qualify. Holland Lops fall into the solid coloring category from chocolate and black to blue, fawn, beige and lynx. A registered breeder who is experienced and familiar with these animals can advise on the coloration of litters and provide pets from fully registered breeders.

When looking for rabbits that are registered, you will have to find experienced and licensed sellers who are familiar with the show requirements. The rabbits can weigh a total of 4 pounds and display a broader fuller chest with hindquarters that are short yet strong. The head is generally broad and drooped ears hang down the sides of the face towards the cheeks, but should remain in the correct proportions.

The muzzle of rabbits is flat and should never appear pointed or pinched as this is a flaw or the animal has been cross bred. A dense shiny coat is a must that includes the proper grooming and condition to prevent a deterioration in the skin and ensure that the rabbit is well maintained. Understanding important physical features can help choose the ideal Holland Lop for show purposes.

An experienced and a reputable seller can be found through the Holland Lop association or a club dedicated to managing the breeding of these unique rabbits. The breeders can help provide healthy and well developed animals used for show purposes or as pets. When interested in owning such a rabbit, time must be taken to look for the right seller and the healthiest animals.

Read reviews online from previous buyers to determine the quality of the litters produced. If you are not able to visit the seller to view the rabbits, ask for the most recent images of young Lops and the breeding pair to detect any physical variations. Only with the correct standards of research will you guarantee buying a healthy and registered pet.

When looking for Holland Lop Rabbits, the coat must be fine and soft while possessing a mild temperament. The easy to handle rabbits are often placed in the ring for show and should meet with regulations issued by the hosts. Understanding what the Lops should look like and relying on the right breeders can help you find the ideal pet for your home.

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