What You Need To Know Before Buying French Bullies For Sale

By Carol Murray

A pet is something that can be great joy for anyone. Many will choose animal companionship over human companionship most of the time once they truly discover the true joys of having a pet. You may have opted to getting a dog over a cat and thus may have thought of getting a french bulldog like your friends. Before you do go out and get a French bullies for sale that you have seen advertised, do read on in this article for more information.

This dog is also widely known as the frenchie in dog loving circles. It is a dog that has seen a bloody history as a mastiff used in the blood sport of bull baiting during ancient times around the Mediterranean area. It was widely distributed by Phoenician traders throughout Europe, but when the sport was outlawed, many of the remaining mastiffs became pets and companions.

Adaptable and smart, the frenchie is very playful and demands a lot of attention from its owners and masters. It has earned a reputation for being an attention monger of sorts and if it does not get its way will let out a ululating howl called the French death yodel. The frenchie female is known also of its protective nature especially towards those it cares for.

A dog known also to have medium energy, it is a breed that is quite happy to just sit around the house and be inactive nonetheless. This is a good dog to have in small apartments or urban condominiums. It will be necessary to give it a daily thirty minute walk so that it will be able to let out some pent up energy and stress also.

Closely related to the English bulldog in terms of ancestry, it has smaller body with a wider girth and shorter legs. It has more erect ears also. It is different from its English cousin in that it lacks the same aggressive and alpha nature and thus it can be considered safe around other animals and even small children.

The lifespan of this breed is only around eight to ten years and can be considered quite short for most dogs. Through proper maintenance and nutrition as suggested by your vet this lifespan can be extended a bit more. Also be on the lookout for cataracts and eye complications as it ages also.

A major health complication it will have is related to its snub nose and more compact airway. Due to this physical makeup, it has a harder time in regulating its core body temperature, especially in extreme hot or cold weather. It is a dog that will do well to live in temperate climates and not tropical or subarctic ones.

All in all the basic information on this breed is hopefully covered in this article. There are of course other good pieces of information that you need on the breed and these you need to do further research on. Remember that it takes a lot commitment and responsibility to take care of a pet of any kind.

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