Tips For Dealing With Professional French Bulldog Breeders

By Amanda Murphy

Getting a new dog is an exciting prospect, and Frenchies are an absolutely adorable choice. However, these animals are not like other breeds as they have unique requirements and are the subject of many shady breeding scams. This is why it is important that interested parties in Ohio not only know as much as they can about the breed prior to making a purchase, but that they also only use registered professional French Bulldog breeders to obtain their puppy.

Those who have a serious interest in owning their own Frenchie needs to have no misunderstanding on the facts that these dogs are both a lifetime commitment and a continuing financial investment. A purebred puppy is generally purchased for something in the range of $2000-$3000, and then there are the special diet requirements and both preventative and potential health concerns that can get costly. Though their loving attributes and show standards make them worthy of the cost, a responsible breeder is going to make sure potential owners are clear on what to expect.

When making any type of purchase, it is natural for a person to seek out the best price, but in this situation, buying a puppy for less than $1500 can be a high risk. Anyone offering pups at discount prices is most likely either importing them from overseas, or selling dogs that are either not pure, or of poor quality. They cost the breeder quite a bit because their anatomy and stature make them hard to breed and typically require a C-section delivery, which makes their numbers very limited.

Individuals need to beware of a seller that uses words like "rare", "mini", or "exotic" to advertise. These are terms commonly used in scams as there any odd eye or coat colors will be caused by genetic defect and a miniature version does not exist in this breed. The pups are cute and attractive but do not qualify for the purpose of showing.

There are organizations dedicated to setting the standards for breeding. It is highly recommended that a person only utilize facilities that are on these approved lists. These people will have shown that they understand the needs of this breed and what it takes to produce litters with quality lineage.

If one has the opportunity, it could be very beneficial to make a personal visit to the facility to see the animal's habitat. It allows one to view how the breeding dogs are treated, puppy socialization, and how clean the surroundings are. When this is not possible, the purchaser should randomly request photos of their specific pup, alone and with the mom and litter mates. Do not accept stock images.

Buyers should feel free to request the facility provide them with certain documents. These include the breeder's quality certification and the lineage papers of their chosen puppy. They should also verify that their pup will be registered as purebred with either the UKC, UK, or AKC. The animal may actually hold more than one registration.

While no breeder can give a guarantee that a puppy will never have any medical issue, they should be willing to provide vet certification that it is free from any hereditary conditions. Interested individuals would benefit from taking time to research the breed and the provider.

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